Expert Flexopress® Design and Manufacturing.

The Flexopress® high-precision stamping press sets unequaled standards for built-in, absolute accuracy and repeatability, ensuring longer life expectancy for costly and complex press dies. At Morsco, we bring our own exceptionally high standards to the design and manufacture of the Flexopress® stamping press. Our engineers can even create a custom Flexopress® designed to meet your unique requirements.


If you care about accuracy, repeatability, and value, you’ve got to appreciate the Flexopress® high-precision stamping press sets. If you care about service, responsiveness, and expertise, you’re going to appreciate having Morsco design and build your Flexopress®. You’ll also be delighted with our rebuild and repair services.

Our more than 25 years of Flexopress® experience have prepared us to meet any challenge or request you might have. Talk with us about your unique requirements.

Why Flexopress®?


Our patented ball bearing race system’s unparalleled precision is standard on all Flexopress® models.


Guaranteed ram-to-bed travel of .0005”, regardless of stroke length, and ram face-to-bed parallelism of .0005”.


Crank shaft bearings are hand scraped to reduce heat buildup & thermal expansion.


PLC controller development & implementation

Morsco has OSHA approved PLC based press controls & can integrate other OSHA approved industrial/resolver based press controls.

Variable speed controls & auxiliary equipment integration

Morsco can install and integrate ABB VFDs or any press-rated VFD into your press control scheme. Morsco can integrate any auxiliary equipment into your press control scheme.
• Thermocouples
• Air control cabinet
• Feed roll system

System network design

Morsco’s PLC based press controller has an isolated IP network that can be accessed for data acquisition, auxiliary equipment integration, or remote press control. Morsco can design and build a system that fits your needs.

Feasibility studies

Morsco has the expertise to analyze your system and develop a “whole system” integration strategy. Equipment issues will be analyzed and a solution that best fits your needs will be provided.


Morsco has the expertise to analyze your machine or process to identify all potential risks of failure and help develop a strategy to minimize and mitigate their effects.

Cost Analysis

Our years of experience in the manufacturing arena allows us to analyze all areas of your manufacturing process. With that information we can develop the true cost and potential process improvements to your existing system or new process.

Technical & training documentation & engineering standards development

Our years of work in all areas of manufacturing give us the insight & expertise to develop:
• Engineering standards of your existing or new operation
• Process and equipment maintenance programs
• Maintenance training documentation
• Operator training documentation
• Equipment and system maintenance schedules

Project engineering on plant projects

Our specialty is rebuilding and retrofitting legacy machines, but we are capable of far more

Our Flexopress® Clients

When we have shop machinery that is down, needs parts switched out or worked on, [the team at Morsco] have been and always are our first and only call. They have been for years. I don’t see that ever stopping.

Cazaray Bell, The Habegger Corporation

In the almost eleven years we have been working with Morsco they have provided onsite training, specifications, spare parts, guidance, and service on a timely basis. As to OEM for our presses, we rely on them.

Len Ostrowski, D&W Fine Pack
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