Custom Machining

Custom Parts Machined
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Morsco is a complete machine shop.
We provide job shop and custom production machining. Whether you need 1 or 100’s of units, we are capable of manufacturing or fabricating the parts you need and guarantee to meet our customers specifications or requirements.

As an Acme thread specialist we provide a variety of complex thread shapes in a variety of lengths. We guarantee to meet all standards for accuracy and machine tool specifications, while offering fast turnaround time on orders.


Job Shop &
Production Machining

  • Breakdown Work
  • Lathe Work
  • Mill Work
  • Drill Press Work
  • No Minimum Order Quantity

Precision Milled
Screws & Nuts

All types:
  • Table screws
  • Bed screws
  • Rail screws
  • Lead screws
  • Compound screws
  • Crossfeed screws
  • Tailstock screws
All shapes:
  • English or metric
  • Acme threads
  • V-threads
  • Worm threads
  • Single & double leads
All sizes:
  • Up to 4” in diameter
  • Infinite lengths

When we have shop machinery that is down, needs parts switched out or worked on, [the team at Morsco] have been and always are our first and only call. They have been for years. I don’t see that ever stopping.

Cazaray Bell, The Habegger Corporation

In the almost eleven years we have been working with Morsco they have provided onsite training, specifications, spare parts, guidance, and service on a timely basis. As to OEM for our presses, we rely on them.

Len Ostrowski, D&W Fine Pack
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